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Mini Aussie - Author Thorsten Wunsch

Mini Aussie

Author: Thorsten Wunsch

CADMOS Verlag (2014)

Beyond the detailed information on rearing, education and care minis, the author describes what the different names - Miniature Australian Shepherd and Miniature American Shepherd - are all about and dares to look ahead. The book is a valuable adviser to anyone who wants a smaller, but still "right" dog to be active with and who wants to be a tireless companion to them.

Australian Shepherd - Author Kerstin Patzold

Australian Shepherd

Author: Kerstin Patzold

Oertel+Spörer Verlag (2011)

Kerstin Patzold was an active member of various kennel associations from an early age. In the 1990s she became aware of the Australian Shepherd. Today she can look back on over 15 years of successful breeding. Since the author also deals with the breeding of the Miniature Australian Shepherd, also the experience and knowledge for the "mini-Aussie" with a, which differs this book from all other previously published titles.

All about Aussie - Author Jeanne Joy Hartnagle-Taylor

All about Aussie

Author: Jeanne Joy Hartnagle-Taylor

Alpine Publications (2005)

The definitive guide to the Australian Shepherd dog. Includes updated information on selection, care, training, grooming, health, herding, agility, showing, other activities, genetics and breeding, as well as a detailed history of the breed. This enormous 3rd edition also includes information on Miniature Australian Shepherds.

Australian Shepherd - Author Liz Palika

Australian Shepherd

Author: Liz Palika

Hardcover (2003)

The Australian Shepherd has a devoted following. Highly desired for its versatility, the Aussie is an intelligent, athletic, and very people-oriented herding dog. In this second edition of the popular and respected The Australian Shepherd, Aussie expert Liz Palika has updated the material to reflect the breed's booming popularity, including the dramatic increase in performance records.

Mini Australian Shepherd training - Author Doug K Naiyn

Mini Australian Shepherd training

Author: Doug K Naiyn

Paperback (2018)

Author, Doug K Naiyn has raised several Miniature Australian Shepherds on his farm he grew up on in Idaho. Eventually he went onto higher education and has a PHD in Literature. When he graduated, shortly after, he fell back on his love for dogs and training dogs, then eventually became a professional dog trainer. When not raising his current two MAS puppies and herder dogs, along with his three kids. Naturally he combined his two passions professionally.