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Miniature American Shepherd

Miniature American Shepherd

 (aka mini aussie or MAS) is an active working breed of dog that has high learning ability, endurance and a strong nervous system. This is a truly universal breed! MAS are great family dogs and they love spending time with their owners. This is an indispensable companion and a great friend for the whole family. They are in love with children, easily get along with other animals, achieve high results in herding and sports.

Why do we choose mini aussie?

  • best dog for family
    Family Best friend and faithful companion for the family - from adult to child.
  • healthy dogs breed
    Healthy Very hardy and strong dogs with excellent genetics and health, not prone to disease.
  • very smart dog
    Smart Smart and witted dogs that are talented in absolutely all endeavors.
  • sporting dog breeds
    Sporting Universal breed of dog for any sport - agility, frisbee, herding, obedience, search.
Status Imperial

Hello! Let's get acquainted. My name is Tanya. My kennel "Status Imperial" was registered in the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) in 2009. I have been breeding dogs for over 10 years.

My pets are the result of many years of work and experience. This allows me to get breeding best dogs in all respects: at a high level, competitive, with excellent health and a strong psyche.

We live in Russia, 250 km from Moscow - Yaroslavl city. We deliver puppies with a proven courier worldwide.

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Books about mini aussies
Books about mini aussies

At the moment, several books on the breed of a miniature American Shepherd and Australian Shepherd have been released. You can order them online with delivery or buy in bookstores.

Early history of miniature aussies
Early history of miniature aussies

The miniature australian shepherd was developed directly from the australian shepherd. Throughout the history of the aussie, small dogs can be seen in historical photographs.

Sandy Travis and her mini aussie
Sandy Travis and her mini aussie

In 1962, Ms. Sandy Travis, of Norco, CA, acquired a very small, unregistered bitch - Travis Puppy, of rough Australian Shepherd type. This bitch was bred to an unregistered Australian Shepherd.